Eagle88 Features

EAGLER01 - Edit and process messages
EAGLER02 - Character printed records
EAGLER03 - Vertically dumped records
EAGLER04 - Horizontally dumped records
EAGLER05 - Vertical dump of compared records
EAGLER06 - Statistics of the run


COMPARE tests for record differences and highlights changes. 

DEFINES assigns names to file variables. 

DELETE allows an input record to be marked as deleted.

DUMP same as DUMPV. 

DUMPH dumps a record in horizontal hex format (similar to core dumps). 

DUMPVdumps a record in vertical hex format. 

GOTO allows branching to tags defined by user and EOJ stop routine. 

IF provides for conditional processing based on data tests and file indicators.

MOVE allows an input file to be modified for processing. 

PRINT prints a record in character format. 

READ allows an input file to be defined and one record read. 

SCAN searches record for any occurrence of a given data value. 

SYNC special read matches keys of multiple files. 

WRITE allows an output to be defined and one record written.

Download Eagle88 Version 1.02 [67k]

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