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We offer two IBM Z/os mainframe software utilities. Both are available on this web page for downloading.

The Deal:
The first package is Eagle88 version 1.02. It is free for your use. We ask only that you spread the word. The second product is Workbench(tm) version 6.11. It is an expanded version of Eagle88. Workbench is upward compatible from the basic Eagle88 v1.02 and it is available on a 90 day trial basis. The purchase price of Workbench is $96,700 US dollars with 12% annual maintenance.

What is Eagle88/Workbench:
Eagle88/Workbench(tm) is a data set utility designed for IBM mainframes. It is a programmer productivity aid that increases a programmer's quality while reducing time spent developing and maintaining computer programs. This is accomplished by allowing t he programmer to create, modify, or print computer files without having to write special "one time only" or "handies" to support programming activities.

Download [67k]

Download (Trial) [265k]

User Manual & Reference Documents


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